As a nation, Britain has a well-documented and long history of gaming dating back to the 14th Century. References to King Henry VII enjoying an evening’s entertainment of dicing and playing cards are commonplace. The London casinos we see today were born from Gentlemen’s Clubs and the gaming influences brought back from Continental Europe and the New World. The launch of the Sterling House Online Casino ( heralds a new era for British Gambling, as that unique style and tradition of the London casino is brought to UK online bettors.

The free download casino includes 58 games to appeal to new and experienced gamers, ranging from the traditionally popular Baccarat and Roulette to Sterling House Slots; this includes 9 progressive games. “We have made enormous efforts to ensure the Sterling House Software is of the highest quality, true to its heritage and provides our patrons with a rewarding casino experience” says Casino Manager David Barker.

As you’d expect, wagering and winning is in pounds only. To welcome players, Sterling House will match first deposits pound for pound with its 100 % Match Bonus.

“Casinos are about exciting and interactive gaming”, states Barker. “For Example, every player has the opportunity to play for Jackpots currently totaling over £200,000”, he continues. The house allows greater game play through Multiplayer, Multihand and Private Group options. Also, the ability to chat to other players adds an important social element.

“How we treat our clients is of equal importance to the gaming experience we offer”, explains Barker. “Professional and polite are the customer service watchwords.” Their customer team is available by e-mail, live-chat and UK free phone 24/7. Player Loyalty is rewarded on an ongoing basis with “Club Points” with each bet and weekly house promotions.

Going after the British online gaming market is no easy task. British casinos are amongst the most strictly regulated in the world, and whilst that severity ushers in the greatest player confidence, it brings with it tremendous operator responsibilities. However, Sterling House Casino is confident that by attracting the most demanding clientele in the world, it will be a casino that can stand out from the ever-growing crowd.

Who knows? Even King Henry might have found Sterling House to his liking!